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15 Ways to Market Your Practice For Free Right Now

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It has been an unprecedented year for many of us. Even if your practice is getting back on track from the first shut-down, marketing can still be a heavy expense to consider in the coming months. Fortunately, there are many powerful ways you can market your practice today, completely free.

Let’s get to it!

1. Work on your Google My Business listing:

Not only is Google My Business (GMB) free, it’s one of the biggest ways how patients find your practice. GMB is a constant source of information for potential patients in your area. Dedicate some time to make sure that your listing is accurate, complete, and appealing. You have a great practice, so use this tool to showcase it to others!

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2. Social media outreach:

We know you’ve heard this one before, but it’s worth the time you invest! Younger generations are using social media in new ways today, including helping them find medical providers. Make yourself or a team member available for any incoming questions and messages, and remember to stay active on social media. Posting doesn’t have to be complicated or complex either. You can post about what’s going on in your practice, any new patient specials you have running, and new blog posts that you publish on your website.

3. Network with other healthcare professionals:

You never know or can predict when another practice needs a dentist or doctor to refer their patients to, so take the time to look at upcoming social events (even on Zoom!) Be sure to stay active in groups and message boards. Helping a fellow healthcare professional can go a long way for your practice.

4. Keep up with local events and holidays:

Be present whenever possible. You can also use local events and holidays as the basis for your social media marketing plan. By doing this, it creates a way to stay involved with your community. We’re in the holiday season, so why not take some time to get involved with local charities? Donating your time to help can be very beneficial for your practice as well.

5. Develop your email list:

This can be as simple as sorting out your contacts into current patients and non-patients on a spreadsheet. Then, you can create simple, targeted, email campaigns yourself- there are a ton of really easy to use, effective email management programs out there that make the process very simple! Email is a great way to nurture leads that may have not converted into patients for you thus far.

6. Create a blog for your business:

If you haven’t already, a blog is a good way to build up content on your website. It can be a place to share what is currently happening in your practice, to talk about services that you provide, and to stay current on events in your area. It’s a valuable resource, and if you aren’t using it yet, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach people who are searching for more broad terms and questions on the internet today.

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7. Try hosting a free webinar:

This can be directed towards your patients to keep them informed about your safety protocols and to talk about any current specials you’re promoting. Or, if you’re a specialty practice, it’s an excellent option to host a webinar for general practitioners in your area. You can discuss an educational topic, plus provide an opportunity for questions and answers. It is also an effective way to reach potential referring practices!

8. Interact online with industry professionals:

Your social media strategy shouldn’t be all about your pages, platforms, and accounts. Incorporate time in your schedule to comment, engage and share with other industry professionals on their own content. Additionally, it can result in some reciprocal engagement. Overall, it is a great way to make new connections with people relevant to your practice.

9. Work on your landing pages:

You can spend some time working on landing pages that highlight the treatments and services that you offer in your office. When you have a specific page centered around a service, you can tailor all of the content, and it can give your website an SEO boost for service-specific search terms. When someone is searching for a specific service, they are typically a hot lead!

10. Build a Facebook page:

We’ve been talking a lot about social media strategies, but if you haven’t yet entered the realm of social media for your practice, now is the time. Create a Facebook page today, and get active on there. Take some time to research and join related groups on Facebook as well. You can get plenty of great information and networking done on social media!

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11. Look for local career days:

Check with local high schools and colleges to see if they have any upcoming career days. You may be able to speak to students and offer some educational insight and value to them, which is a great way to be present in your local community.

12. Join a leads group:

Consider joining a leads group in your industry- it can be a great way to generate leads for your practice, plus you may make some connections along the way!

13. Spend some time on LinkedIn:

You can build your network up with people who are ideal patients for you. Because LinkedIn is a job-based social media platform, you can gain a lot of insight into potential patients here. Just like any social media site, you can post updates about your practice and specials here as well!

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14. Speak at a local seniors center:

Reach out to local seniors centers and ask to present or speak at their location. You can talk about oral health hygiene for seniors, and how your practice can help them stay on track.

15. Contact local apartment buildings:

See if their management office will allow you to post flyers in their common areas to advertise your practice. People are often looking for a provider near their home, so it’s a great way to reach people who live in your target area. You can also ask about throwing a cocktail party in their lobby for residents!

Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and it’s essential for the ongoing success of your business.

Have any questions, or need help with your marketing? Give us a call today!

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