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25 Things to do During the CoronaVirus Slowdown 

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If your practice is closed right now, you’ve probably got a little extra time on your hands. Make the most of it, and spend this time on tasks that can benefit your business now and in the future. Here are our favorite things you do right now to be productive during the Coronavirus slowdown:


  1. Survey your patients!
    Surveying your patients is a great way to check up on how happy your patients actually are with you, your staff, your office, and services. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. I can’t think of a better time to send a survey out to your patients to find out what steps you can do to thrive in the years to come. One Tool we recommend is Survey Monkey– They have a free plan to get you started.
  2. Organize your computer!
    Now is a great time to spend a day organizing your computer. Clean up your downloads file, organize your desktop, and get rid of any old files you no longer need. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success in the coming months.
  3. DEEP clean each room in your practice!
    I often visit messy offices and it’s not a great impression! Walk into your office as a patient. Sit in the waiting room, sit in each chair. View each and every part of your room, see what they see. Sit in each one of your oppetories, see what they see. It’s always important to keep your practice clean, but now is a great time to do some deep Spring cleaning.
  4. Revisit your employee handbook!
    I am sure many HR related questions have popped up in your practice over the last week. Put policies into place so everyone knows what expectations are. Revisit and clean up any language that’s not super easy for anyone to understand.
  5. Read the content on your website and brochures and improve it!
    Does your website have better quality content in both substance and quantity than all of your competitors? If not, now is a great time to make improvements. Google loves to send people to websites with fantastic content that users will benefit from.
  6. Set Goals for 2020 and 2021!
    There are many popular games plans when it comes to goal setting. Some love setting SMART goals ( Specific-Measurable-Achievable- Relevant-Timely). Others prefer setting goals that can never be reached (our personal favorite). No matter how you decide to set your goals, take some time to put them down on paper, and share them with your team!
  7. Get a free reputation monitoring report!
    We can run an up-to-date real-time report to show you exactly what is being said about you across the most popular reviews sites including Google, Yelp and Facebook. This report can help you put together a plan to increase your online reputation.
  8. Ask for reviews!
    People everywhere are looking for ways to support small businesses during a time when they can’t actually visit. Asking for reviews, or working with your staff to ask for reviews, is a great way to build up your authority, and it will give your business long-term benefits!
  9. Respond to reviews!
    esponding to negative reviews is a great opportunity to show your audience that you care. Responding to positive reviews AND negative reviews allows you to advertise your practice while increasing your online visibility. Not sure of the most effective way to respond to reviews? Check out the review response guide we created for you, there is a template included.
  10. Get a website audit and analysis!
    Now is an awesome time to audit your website. Start with a free, no-obligation website analysis and website speed test. We can have one done and out to you within 48 hours. Click here to request yours!
  11. Review your bank statements!
    When was the last time you audited your very own bank statements? You may be surprised to find items being deducted from your accounts for products and services you never use. Start by looking at the last three months, and work forward. Then, dive further back as you see fit.
  12. Work to improve case acceptance!
    Send personal letters and emails! Remind them of the plan you have put together for them, and make it personal, not a mass-produced blast. If you have more time on your hands, call your patients to let them know you are concerned about the treatment they haven’t had yet. Give them information on what to do if it gets worse right now, let them know you are there during emergencies and tell them to let your friends know you are there. Now is a great time to build relationships with your patients, they will see more value now than ever before.
  13. Market your in-house plan!
    Now is a great time to promote your in-house plan. Offer a coronavirus promotional deal- deep discounts now can mean a faster recovery for your office. People will come in to take advantage of the savings you offer. Selling a plan for $100 may seem like you’re giving too much away, but receiving a hundred now to guarantee future work is worth it. Not sure where to get started? We can help.
  14. Send out postcards!
    Ask your patients to call and schedule future appointments. Including special offers will increase response rate.
  15. Send out an email newsletter!
    Include topics that are relevant right now for your patients- here are some ideas to get started:

    • Why it’s important to brush your teeth when you’re sick
    • Best practices for oral hygiene
    • Correct brushing for kids
    • Best brushing apps for kids
    • Best foods for healthy teeth
    • If you are open for emergencies, remind people and ask them to share with their friends.
  16. Engage with your patients on social media!
    Share articles (from your practice’s blog is even better!) that are relevant to your audience. And throw in some funny stuff too. But don’t stop there, join in the conversation! Reach out and ask how people are doing. Just because they’re not in your chair, doesn’t mean you can’t check in with them!
  17. Leverage social media live streaming for fun topics!
    Now is a great time to show your patients your personality. Studies have shown that patients who feel like they know their dentist are more likely to remain loyal to them over the years. Think about live streaming one of these topics:

    • Cooking a meal
    • Flossing demonstration for kids
    • Engaging in a hobby of yours (video games? Painting? What are you reading right now? Bird watching? Gardening?)
  18. Write some blog articles!
    Write about this surreal time, and about how we can prevent it in the future. Talk about the types of cases. Talk about how valuable smiles are. Create content for your website while being positive and active. Let your audience know you are there, and let Google know they should send people to you.
  19. Cancel subscriptions you no longer use!
    Let’s face it, we all sign up for things we forget about. Canceling subscriptions is a huge pain that we often put off. Now is a great time to make those phone calls, emails live chats etc. Saving just a $100 per month on things you don’t use can turn into tens of thousands of income by using the savings to advertise.
  20. Build relationships with your vendors!
    Now is a great time to reach out to your vendors. Oftentimes people look at their vendors as just a necessary part of business, and we get it. However, having great relationships with your vendors can often be a lifeline when times are tough. Build better relationships now, and reap the benefits for years to come.
  21. Review your lease!
    Now is a great time to look at your lease and, for that matter, all of your contracts. You have plenty of time right now to try to negotiate savings with your vendors.
  22. Update your calendar with important dates!
    Adding staff birthdays, family birthdays and other important dates can help you be more organized throughout the year. Being thoughtful is about taking the time now to remember.
  23. Read a book, get fired up!
    A lot of opportunity is going to present itself when this is over. There are so many amazing books out there that can help you get yourself in the state of mind to come out on top. Now is a great time to catch up on your reading.
  24. Volunteer your time!
    Food banks need help! Older at high risk people need help. Nursing homes need help. If you’re able, dedicate some time to local services that can help those in need during this time, and invite your staff to join in if they are able!
  25. Take some online CE!
    Why not improve your dentistry skills! There are a lot of resources for you- take advantage and be a better version of you! This is just one more way you can come out stronger.


Do you have questions, or are you looking forward to switching up your marketing strategy in the coming months? We’re here to help you along the way- call us or send an email to get started! 


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