Creating Relevant Content

Every website needs custom content on each page. Not only does the content have to be custom it also needs to be relevant to the page’s subject. For example, If I have a page about Lip Injections and 80% of the content on that page talks about a Neck Lift, search engines are more likely to see that in a negative way.

Make Sure Your Content is Long Enough

The content length is just as important as the content its self. Search engines scan over websites to see if the content on the site is good quality for a reader. If you have very little to no content it makes it very difficult for a search engine to see your website as a quality site for readers. In general, Google likes to see 400 to 600 words worth of content on each page. The content length can vary depending on the page. For example, a specific procedure page might have 600 to 800 words worth of content. Where as the contact us page may only have 150 to 250 words worth of content.

But you will want to start at the beginning; what pages are you going to have and what pages need content. Below we have broken down an average medical practice website into a sitemap with content guild lines within to help you understand the pages you will need for your own site.

Home Page:

For the home page content, you can do a welcome statement, a brief description of what you offer and/or what separates you from your competitors. We like to see an average of 200+ words worth of content for the home page.

About Page:

About us pages can be one general page about your practice in general. Providers, Our Team, how did you get started, certificates, chartwork, and whatever else you want to put in this section. Average content length for this page is 250+ words.


You can also have the About Us page lead into individual bios about the Doctors/ Providers and team members. With this path you will still need to have 250+ words for the main About Us page and then 250+ words for each Doctors/ Providers and team members page.

Procedures & / Or Treatments:

For the different Procedures and/or Treatments pages you will need to get more in-depth with each page. Each Procedure and/or Treatment needs to have its own page. This way search engines can start to see your practice as an authority on that Procedures and/or Treatment. For example, we do not want to have teeth whitening and teeth cleaning on the same page; they are two very different procedures so we want them presented as two different procedures. The average content length for Procedure and/or Treatment pages are longer, around 600 to 800 words minimum.

Procedures & / Or Treatments:

The testimonials page is only if you have client or patient testimonials to show. If you only have 1 or 2 we might hold off on letting this page go live until you have more. We like to see 6 to 8 on a page to start off. If you do have the 6 to 8 testimonials you will still need some content of your own on the page. This can be short 100 words minimum making some general statements about your clients or patients and what they are saying about you.

Patient Info:

The Patient Info page is one that you can customize with the information you would like to supply to you patients. You can include; What to expect on your first visit, what insurance do we except, payment plans, in case of emergency, office hours, or new patient forms.

Content length for Patient Info pages can vary, but with all the different information included we like to see the length around 400 to 500 words. The content length would not include any downloadable forms or links to outside sources if you have any.


Just like the Testimonials page we would hold off on making the Blog page go live until you have a couple that can already be posted. We like to see 2 to 3 blog posts already written and posted to the blog page before it goes live.  As for added content besides blog posts you do not need any. Your blog posts take place of your custom content for this page.

As for writing blog posts it is very similar to writing content for a page. It need to be relevant to what the website is about. For example, an ENT should not have a blog post strictly about carpet cleaning. But they can have a post about Spring cleaning and how that can help with your allergies during allergy season. Each blog post can have its own subject if it is relevant to the site. Blog lengths can vary, but to start off, again we would like to see 2 to 3 blog posts at a minimum of 400 words in content length.

Contact us:

You do not need paragraphs worth of custom content on the Contact us page. The basic company information (For Example your locations, Map, Phone Numbers, and contact form) takes the place of some of the content needed. You still do want around 50 words stating information about the listed information below. For example, “We have 4 convenient locations in the _____ area to best serve you.” “Feel free to fill out our contact form and one of our team members will be right with you.” Things of that nature.

Again, every page on your website needs custom content. But not only custom content the length of the content is just as important and the content its self. To better help you understand content length we wanted to show you just what over 1000 words worth of content looks like. This entire help document from start to finish is 1042 words in length.

While you are working your way through writing the content for your website, please feel free to reach out to any of our medical marketing specialists. We are happy to give you some ideas or answer any questions you may have.

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