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Got Video? Video Marketing is a Must!

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Videos are a great way to explain a product or service to a client or customer. Not only will you explain the product or service within a video, you will also be advertising for that product and service along with your company as well.

Check Out This Video Omni Premier Did!

We want to share a video we just did for Adult & Pediatric Dermatology. Within this video we filmed Dr. Dymek preforming a Microneedling procedure. To watch the full video go take a look at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology’s Microneedling page.

For this video we had to focus on the lighting and audio. We wanted the room to be bright enough for the camera without interfering with the procedure. In order to accomplish this, we were able to set up multiple lights around the room focusing on the patient and the doctor. We knew the audio was going to be a little difficult do, because of the sound coming from the equipment used in the procedure. We knew a light hum would be present throughout the video, but we wanted to be able to hear the doctor and clearly understand what she was saying. For this we had to use a room microphone with filters to help block some of the humming sound.


Dr. Dymek wanted a video that highlighted and properly explained the popular procedure Microneedling. So she called Omni Premier Marketing to get the job done. Her and her staff, along with everyone here at Omni Premier Marketing were very happy with how the video came out.

If you have a product or service you would like to highlight and show case on your website, Video should be your first choice. If you are not sure how to accomplish this give us a call. Our team here at Omni Premier marketing will be happy to assist you (720) 549-9222 with all your video marketing needs.

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