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How Does New Technology Affect SEO

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Whether you like it or not, we are living in a technological era. Every day new pieces of technology are being released as well as improved upon. Within the last couple of years having wearable technology is all the craze. Wearable technology can consist of fitness bands, smart watch’s and augmented reality glasses. Each one of these have similar objectives, which is to connect to the internet or your smart phone, in order to transfer and receive information and display it.

Smart Watches

Smart watches have become one of the biggest pieces of wearable technology. One of the main reasons, is because the price of smart watches has just continued to come down. Apple, Samsung, Pebble and Fossil are just a few brands with smart watches out on the market today. With all of these smart watches already out there and the many more to come, how will this affect the traffic to your website you might ask. Well as wearable technology becomes more popular and more advanced we are going to see that a ton of your traffic will be done from wearable technology. With that being said if you are not prepared for this change you could possibly see the number of new patients coming to your medical practice significantly drop. In order to stay up with the competition, you must first and for most check your website.

Mobile Friendly Websites

If you have an old website representing your medical practice, there is a high chance that is it not mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are programmed to alter themselves depending on the screen size someone could be using to view it. Mobile friendly website’s are a must in this day in age. Not only can an old website make your medical practice look older and out dated, ruining that first impression to a potential lead, it can destroy the chance of them even getting to see your site to make their own dissection.

Website SEO

With older website’s you do not have the capability for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like you would with a new website. SEO is the next big thing you need to look at, after website design. You can have the most beautiful, custom built website out there and still not pull any new traffic to it. This is because of SEO. With how technological today is, your SEO must be constantly evolving and updated. You have to know all the in and outs for what is happening in the medical field. Then all of that information is put together and properly placed onto your medical website so that it follows the rules of the search engines and pulls the most traffic possible.

Future Technological Trends

Who knows what is going to happen to technology in the next 4 to 5 years. We all might be looking at search results through our contact lenses. But I do know, that website design and SEO will constantly be changing to match that new piece of technology. The true question is, are you? Are you making the changes to your website and SEO to make sure your medical practice is continually pulling new clients and is open to see those changes in the future.

Omni Premier Marketing Can Help You!

At Omni Premier Marketing we specialize in creating optimized and high performing medical and dental websites. We can help you evaluate your current site and create a plan for success. Call us today to learn more!

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