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As consumers steadily replace their phone books with search engines, local businesses are recognizing just how important “Maps” listings are. The medical, dental, and related fields are no exception.

Showing up in the “Maps” listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing is extremely important. After all, potential customers in your city offer the greatest revenue potential for your practice.

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Creating and validating an accurate business profile with local search engines and directories is critical. It ensures that your practice is eligible to be displayed in the local (Maps) results. But that’s just the start. It does not guarantee that your practice will be displayed in the “Maps” results for local searches.

The key to gaining a prominent listing in the “Maps” section is creating, validating, promoting and marketing your practice across hundreds of local search engines directories. In addition, soliciting reviews from your satisfied customers, who then become your raving fans.

Omni Premier Marketing knows what it takes to create a powerful, consistent business profile across the major local directories. As well as how to maximize those local profiles so that your medical practice is included in the “Maps” results when someone searches for your services in your city.

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Local Search Marketing Experts

Search engines only show a handful of businesses on the first page. Furthermore, consumers usually only click on the top search results. This means being listed in the “Maps” section on Google, Bing or Yahoo for your business search term is more important than ever.

You don’t want to take chances with this important aspect of your marketing campaign. You need to know that it’s going to be handled correctly. Because creating these profiles and managing them is a time-consuming, tedious process, many practices simply do not have the time or resources to manage their profiles on all the relevant websites.

That’s where Omni Premier Marketing comes in.