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3 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Blog

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You have worked hard putting together great information for your medical practice website — don’t let that go to waste.

If no one ever sees your content because your website is not visible to those looking for your specialty and services all of your hard work and money isn’t  reaching its full potential.

As many of you know, more than 70 percent of people use search engines such as Google to find medical practices online. Adding a blog is a great way to gain more reach, showcasing your practice to those in need of your services. Here are the top 3 benefits of having a great blog on your website.

  1. Relationship building –

A blog allows you to constantly add content to your website without re-working each individual page. Blogs do not require the same effort, editing and polish as a page on your practices website does. Blogs allow you to show “bed side manner” writing in simple, plain English allows you to avoid medical terms speaking directly to the patient. When someone visits your site and views your blog it builds trust. Trust is the foundation of all relationships and extremely important for your patients and potential patients to feel.

Blogs also allow you to write about anything you wish to share. If you are a dermatologist  practice seeking new patients for example, you can write about a baseball game you attended connecting that with need for little league players to use sunscreen. Yesterday I read an article on the local news, a sad story of a 7 year old getting bit on the face by a dog. A plastic surgeon seeking new patients marketing online could write about this story and the steps to take in order to minimize scaring.  Writing a blog once or twice per week can do wonders for your medical practice, in addition it can give you a chance to share your  expertise with patients in your own voice.

  1. “SEO for your medical practice”

Optimizing your website for Google, Yahoo and Bing is critical. Having a great website for your medical practice is one thing, making sure people can find is even more important. Blogging builds content people can share. Content marketing involves making sure your content is all over the web with links form varies people and websites posting and sharing your website. Blog examples like the ones above are the types of articles people will share with their friends and possible on their website.

The more websites and people that share your websites blog the better your practice will rank in search engines. Google wants to send people to the most relevant websites when people use its search engine. They use many factors on determining what sites to send people to. A great blog can put a check in the box for two of Google’s biggest requirements. 1. Relative, unique content and 2.  Social/ Link signals ( people/websites sharing your content). Write content that is unique, interesting, put it in a sharable format and publish it for people to find. Not only will you be building relationships and helping people you will be marketing your practice for new patients to find you.

  1. Social media for your medical practice.

Social media is one more way people will find you online. People constantly look at the social media accounts of practices they are considering booking and appointment with. Patient loyalty is at an all-time low. As many of you are aware social media is critical if you want to see more new patients and keep the ones you have. The problem many face when trying to maintain social media campaigns is a lack of good information to post. There is no better, more effective solution than posting your own original content. Creating 4 blogs per month gives you four great social media posts per month. Post each blog to twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn and you have your great medical content being published 16 times per month! Without any sharing you have built 16 quality links/ social citations for Google to pick up when they index websites.

The way people find medical practices has changed. Word of mouth is still out there but its online in social networks. Referrals are still provide but more come from Google than someone primary care doctor. Omni Medical Marketing handles each and every element of your practices digital needs. Starting from medical practice website design, SEO/content marketing, social media management and reputation management we have you covered. To speak with a consultant or to receive a free digital marketing analysis for your practice contact us today.

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