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How To Handle Negative Reviews

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More than half of people searching for a new physician admit that they read their doctor's reviews before ever stepping foot into the office. This can either make or break their decision to move forward with your practice. Which is wonderful if your practice is absolutely perfect and you have never received a bad review. But, what happens when your practice is just getting started in the digital realm, and has a limited amount of reviews on any given platform? You lose potential patients. It doesn't have to be that way though. There are many steps you can take in order to overcome any negative voices on your review forums. Here is a list of the best three ways to deal with negative reviews in your practice:


There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, there is no room for your side of the story in someone's negative review! Luckily, most platforms will allow you to respond to any reviews on your business. A graceful response addressing the user's concerns, taking accountability, apologizing, and offering a thoughtful solution shows other users that you truly value each and every one of your patient's experience. Be sure to NEVER engage in childish rhetoric, or try to defend your position! You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar!

Be Proactive

Make sure you have an internal process for acquiring new reviews. This is an awesome way to make sure all of your patient's have had an amazing experience! It's as easy as a follow up email or a custom "review us" card; that you can personally hand to patients on their way out.

Report Abuse

Some people truly are out of their mind (patients, disgruntled ex employees, viscous competitors) and being absolutely unreasonable, responding to their review may not be the best idea and could be antagonistic to someone who is being irrational, prompting another unwanted comment. In this case your best bet may be to report this user.  Many platforms including Yelp and Google allow you to report a review if you think it is an abuse of the system. Once it has been reviewed by one of their staff you will receive a decision. Handling negative reviews is only a fraction of what is involved in monitoring and marketing your reputation positively. If your practice can use a little help with your reputation monitoring please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how Omni Medical Marketing can help you get your digital reputation to the point where it truly reflects how incredible, talented and hard working your entire team is!

Breaking Things Down

In the first part of this blogwe discussed the top three ways to address negative reviews about your practice. As well as the importance of having a strong presence on these platforms. With our second suggestion "be proactive", you may have been thinking "easier said than done!" We are going to go into more detail about how you can acquiring more positive reviews. Asking for reviews can be tricky. On one hand you do not want to come off as aggressive or desperate. But on the other hand you really want patients that have had an exceptional experience to share it on your website and their favorite review board. Our favorite tool for gracefully accomplishing this difficult task is our very own Via Omni Reputation Booster. This innovative tool allows you to follow up with every patient after a procedure or important appointment via email. With this you can provide them a convenient and easy way to share their experience in your office. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised how many of your patients are willing to share their thoughts if you just ask! Our Reputation Booster Tool automatically updates your website with positive reviews. Not only that, it directs those users to a page where they have the option to easily review your practice on their favorite review platform as well. Reviews that receive a lower score (bar set by each individual practice) will immediately be filtered and reported to your administration. This provides you with instant access to addressing and hopefully rectifying that user's concerns. acquiring positive reviews for your practice

Creating Incentive

By creating incentive, this can help motivate patients, or remind patients to review your practice and doctors once they are back in the comfort of their home. Motivation systems should be fun and rewarding. For example: "Don't forget to review us to be entered in our monthly drawing to win a Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush in the color of your choice. Winners announced on the 1st Monday of every month".

Tangible Reminders

Physical reminders will go a long way as well! Handing out a simple "review us" card to your patients on their way out can do wonders. Additionally, when you personally request a review, it adds a certain dynamic that makes the patients feel special. If you would like to learn more about our Reputation Boosting Tool please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our team members. Omni Premier Marketing is a full service digital marketing company and we pride ourselves on having the ability to pair innovation with hard work. We provide a comprehensive list of medical marketing solutions to both individual doctors and medical/ dental practices across the nation. Click Here to receive your complimentary website analysis.

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