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Why Use PPC to Attract New Patients?

Pay-per-click marketing has become a vital marketing aspect for practices that want to stay competitive.

Keyword searches relevant to your marketing practice will generate an ad at the top of a search engine result page. When potential customers click on your ad link, it takes them to a specific landing page on your website that calls them to take action. You only pay for the ads that are clicked, ensuring that your site’s visitors are interested in your services.

How We Build Your
Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign

Ad Creation

Writing Pay-Per-Click ads can be a challenging endeavor. You must capture the interest of the potential patient but also stay true to the keyword they are searching for. Omni Premier Marketing has been in the business of writing ads for over ten years; we’ve seen it all. We know how to structure your ads to get the leads you want!


Your landing page must match your ads and keywords. If there is no congruency, the potential customer might lose interest in their original search. Omni Premier Marketing has PPC experts in the field of website design & development. We will ensure that your “calls-to-action” and keyword-rich content make it onto the page.

Campaign Creation

Creating the right campaign is key to success in PPC marketing. Our pay per click experts have over ten years of AdWords experience with all the tricks of the trade. From geo-targeting (advertising in relevant places around your business) to well-organized ads, Omni Premier Marketing knows how to create quality campaigns for your business.

Content Creation

Content creation seems easy until you sit down to do it! Omni Premier Marketing experts know how to generate the right message for your landing pages and ads. We want it to be unique, so we will never use copied content from anyone else. You can trust that when you see the words about your company, they are brand new to you.

Keyword Analysis
and Search Volume

There are two types of keywords. The first is known as “head terms,” which are the types of services you offer (i.e., plastic surgery or veneers). Head terms cost more money but have a higher volume of traffic. The second type of keyword is a “long tail” keyword such as “information about chiropractic care.” Long-tail keywords will cost less and get less traffic. As voice search continues to become popular, long-tail keywords are becoming more and more relevant. OMNI Premier Marketing knows how to find a happy medium with your PPC budget. We get you the cheapest clicks that drive traffic to your site while ensuring the lowest amount of competition.

A/B Ad Testing
for Your Success

To make sure the PPC ads are getting the attention they require, OMNI Premier Marketing employs a strategy of A/B testing. We write two ads with different central messages for the same set of keywords. Then, we analyze these ads to see which copy is working best. Finally, we structure the entirety of your ads to match the most successful marketing copy. A/B is a vital component of our PPC marketing service and will generate more leads than ever!

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In-Depth Analysis
and PPC Optimization

Analysis matters. Making the right changes to campaigns can seem like an impossible task. Making the right campaign decisions is nearly impossible without accurate data (or knowing where to access that data). At OMNI Premier Marketing, our PPC experts have the tools and the knowledge to sift through the numbers and make decisions that will improve your ad campaigns!

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