Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, social media sites are the newest form of direct marketing and a great way to achieve exposure at a very low cost. When properly managed, social campaigns can help medical practices reach potential new customers, broaden their marketing reach, gain social followers, create a loyal fan base, and use their online influence to gain valuable referrals.

Social Media Management | Omni Premier Marketing

Social Media is a great tool for building relationships, promoting your brand, and managing your business’ reputation. When used correctly, it enhances your ability to correspond with customers, gauge your competition and control the message that’s being delivered, while giving you the ability to offer special promotions that can be spread virally online.

Your level of success using social media sites can all hang on just how well these sites, fan pages and accounts are synced up together in order to create the highest level of exposure to both social site users and search engines.

Managing Social Media Marketing for Medical Practices

Our SEO department works directly with you on all social media projects to ensure that your social profiles are set up correctly, synced with your blogs and website promotions, and designed to help your practice project the personalized message that you want your fans to share.

We are able to effectively create fan pages, video channels, and blogging platforms to inform your customers of upcoming events, specials and promotions, while syncing all of your social sites together. This effectively reduces the time necessary to manage your social presence, but also allows you to reach an exponentially larger audience through multiple social sites.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to manage a social media campaign, Omni Medical Marketing is here to help. We can get you setup correctly, sync your social sites, provide valuable content related to your vertical, and distribute your content on multiple platforms to manage your reputation and build your brand.