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Using Technology to Increase Marketing Impact

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In the internet world, technology moves at breakneck speed. It seems that new techniques and medical and dental marketing opportunities arise every week. So, let’s take a look at a few ways your practice can bring technology solutions into your marketing plan.

1. Website Contact Forms

Does your practice’s website design have the typical “Contact Us” form? Without a doubt, it should! However, even more important than that, your website needs to include strong call-to-action buttons linking to contact forms using terms such as “Schedule a Consultation” or “Ask the Doctor(s).” As a result, these buttons will engage the user, resulting in a much higher lead conversion.

The form should be short enough to encourage submission but have strategic wording and data capture points so that you are better prepared to provide a relevant, timely follow-up.

2. Social Media Inclusion

Your medical or dental practice website should incorporate some aspect of social media marketing. Whether it is recurring blog posts, Twitter streams, RSS feeds or Facebook Page embeds, or a combination of any of these, adding social media to your website increases page view times, entices visitors to seek more information, and builds your presence across the internet.

3. Local Search Elements

Google Map displays and Yelp reviews are just a few ways your medical practice can grow its local presence. For example, Google Maps are an excellent way to bring contact information and geographic data to your existing and potential patients. However, Yelp reviews are a trusted resource to show your practice’s professionalism and instill trust among patients.

4. Flexible, Accessible Content

Does your website function in a variety of browsing devices? Can the content be displayed and accessed across mobile devices and desktop browsers? A properly designed and developed website will function at its best in any browsing environment. Moreover, it will be accessible to search engines, mobile phones, tablet devices and traditional desktop computers.  Learn more about responsive website design.

Contact Omni Premier Marketing today for a free website analysis to ensure your practice is leveraging technology at its fullest.

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