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The First Impression in Medical and Dental Website Design

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You know the old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, this has never been more relevant than in today’s hyper-competitive online world. Your practice’s first impression leaves a lasting impression. Ensure it’s a great one with a carefully crafted, professional medical or dental website design.

There are many factors that influence a website’s design, raising it from the crowded doldrums of mediocrity to the rarefied air of excellence. Just as a highly skilled surgeon has the collective nuances that raise their skills to an art form, so too does a seasoned designer’s arsenal of expertise enable the delivery of a fine-tuned website.

Professional web designs focus on the target audience. Sounds obvious? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t. Web design is a broad term that should (but doesn’t always) entail a variety of tasks: information architecture, audience research, end-user goals, client goals, and so forth. The professionals know that an effective design starts with the end-user. This results in a website that drives more traffic to your virtual (and physical!) door.

Effective web designs balance eye-catching visuals with sensibly placed user interface controls and content. Professional website designers take your practice’s branding to another level, integrating your professionalism into an online representation of your excellence, expertise and capabilities.

In addition, professional web designers stay abreast of industry best-practices and adhere to these standards. Just as a professional contractor knows building codes and enforces them rigorously, professional web designers promote and abide by industry standards. This results in a website design that is accessible and usable, no matter how your visitors access your site.

Every new visitor to your practice’s website is a first impression. Hire a professional and rest easy, knowing every impression is a great one!

Call 800-549-0170 to learn about how to make a good first impression with your medical or dental website design.

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