Video Marketing

Video marketing is a modern strategy that should be central to your outreach and campaign efforts

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Video Marketing for Dentists

What is Video Marketing?

This modern approach to marketing your dental practice or medical office, allows you to connect and interact with your target market like never before…through video! A short tutorial, introduction, or “how-to” video can make a huge impact on your SEO, and thereby ultimately in your practice. Video marketing is able to deliver information to your target audience in an easy-to-digest format, maximizing your influence and digital reach.

How It’s Done

Creativity –

During a brief initial meeting, we will discuss the goals of your video marketing campaign and how we will go about accomplishing those goals. Once we have a clear focus for the video(s), your team will collaborate with Omni to create a script.

Video Shooting –

Omni will shoot remotely or on location, based on preference, budget, etc.…this will take no longer than an hour when both parties are prepared.

Editing, Optimizing & Uploading –

Once you have done your part, you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of the hard stuff. Omni Premier will edit your video, optimize your video for SEO, and post your video to both your desired location on your website and Youtube.

Why Use Healthcare Video Marketing?

Inform Your Patients

New experiences in life can be scary, especially if they are medical or dental related; being able to wrap our minds around it has a certain soothing effect for most humans and will help your patients get comfortable with the idea of their procedure in the comfort of their own homes.

Connection with the Doctor

Simply put, a more familiar face is a more trusted face. Allowing potential patients to “meet” or connect with your doctor in a video introduction or biography before coming to the office adds an element of familiarity, creating the foundation for a trustworthy relationship before you even meet.

Search engines are always looking for the next big thing, and videos are it! As videos are slowly gaining weight and being featured above the organic results, and as not many practices are taking advantage of video marketing, you could stand out in your market!

Video Tours

Did you work hard to create an inviting, relaxing environment in your office? Great, show it off! Video tours are engaging and informative, and they help get potential patients comfortable and acquainted with your beautiful office before they even set foot inside.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation is everything nowadays, it is the single most important factor when picking a practice. Capturing video testimonials of satisfied patients to share with perspective patients is the next best thing to one of their friends giving you a recommendation.

Showcase Equipment

The general public knows very little about things like bair huggers or CEREC machines, so using videos to educate patients on these cutting edge technologies your practice has available to augment their experience is a game changer!

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