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Healthcare Branding Design Examples

The Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity

Branding and brand identity for a high-performing healthcare practice needs a multi-faceted approach. Our marketing experts include the highest standards in visual identity, print, collateral, brand voice, and strategy. We deliver the best value for website design, digital marketing strategy, and return on investment.

Standards of a Defined Health Care Branding


Consistent branding gives your practice authority to establish an online presence. A style guide defines your brand’s visual identity and direction for your website, print collateral, and all your digital marketing assets. We’ll create this comprehensive guidebook to dictate brand consistency throughout your partners, media, and marketing.


Your logo is one of the most seen aspects of your branding, so it’s important to build trust, authority, and visibility with your practice’s logo design. Since the logo is the cornerstone of your healthcare brand, we’ll take the time to understand your vision. Our design team won’t skimp on quality when it comes to your design, and we’ll make sure to set the right tone for your brand. We implement best practices to develop a logo that makes you proud.


Collateral refers to all the media you use to inform, educate, and guide prospective patients to your practice. Your patients need your services, so take advantage of every communication medium. Case studies, social media, email campaigns, brochures, flyers, banners, postcards and business cards are great tools for every practice. Your healthcare collateral should increase your visibility and growth in a meaningful way, and we can help you get there.

Healthcare Branding That Stands Out

Brand Identity:

 Your visuals and messaging show potential patients how you’re different from the competition. At Omni Premier, we ensure your logo design is compelling, effective, and timeless.

Brand Positioning:

 Establish what makes your brand unique and build an excellent local reputation. Our marketing team provides messaging that sets your practice above the rest.

Brand Management:

 Build trust with your audience by utilizing consistent branding. We’ll develop your brand’s voice across all social media platforms to better meet the needs of your potential patients.

Patient Experience:

 Your patients want to know who you are! From their first online search to their first appointment, use consistent messaging to improve patient care. 

Branding Matters in Healthcare

The first impression of your practice starts long before a patient walks in the door. Your website brand and design is the first thing any potential patient see, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right!

A memorable identity is key to booking appointments. The design of your website is the foundation for your branding! You want to stand out from competitors as a professional, trustworthy, modern practice with excellent customer service.

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It's Time To Tell Your Brand's Story

You already know that good design communicates your healthcare organization’s personality in the most appealing way. Prioritizing brand strategy is a proven method to create lasting patient relationships and get the most out of your dental marketing and medical marketing efforts. Don’t wait to get started on building a better brand for your practice.

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