Our Every-Door Direct Mail solution is the perfect choice for dentists who are just starting out and need an effective, cost-efficient way to target their local audience. We provide the design and printing of your postcard, while you take care of processing and delivering it directly to the post office. Depending on the amount you print, it may be possible to get a price as low as 30 cents per card including postage!

If you’re looking for an oversized dental postcard or a folded postcard to promote your healthcare practice, our Every-Door Direct Mail solution can help you do that without breaking the bank. We’ll provide expert design, printing and delivery services to ensure that your postcard reaches your target audience without fail. With our Every-Door Direct Mail solution, you can market your practice in a cost-effective way and get the word out about your services with ease.

Every Door Direct Mail Full Services

We understand that managing your direct mail operations can be time consuming, and you may not have the capacity to stack, sort, package, and deliver postcards to the post office yourself. That’s why we provide a convenient drop shipping solution for our dental postcards. In this solution, all you need to do is approve the print materials and the zones you will be delivering your postcards to, and we will handle the rest! Our drop shipping service is an economical and time-saving way to ensure that your postcards are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Targeted Direct Mail Services

Targeted direct mail is a great option for dental practices that have services or products with a narrow target audience. While the cost of delivery per piece may be 2 to 3 times higher than EDDM, this can be offset by lower overall marketing costs and a higher return on investment. Targeted direct mail allows the practice to send a tailored message directly to the segment of their target audience that is most likely to be interested in their products or services. This helps to ensure the most effective use of marketing resources and can lead to a greater return on investment. With targeted direct mail, dental practices can effectively reach their target audience and maximize their return on investment.

With targeted direct mail, dental practices can send a tailored message directly to their target segment and be more confident that the message will resonate with those most likely to be interested, ensuring the most effective use of their marketing resources. As a result, dental practices using targeted direct mail can benefit from a higher return on investment and lower overall marketing costs.

When Executing a Direct Mail Marketing Piece:

  • We will include one, if not multiple offers
  • There will be a clear call to action
  • Instructions will be detailed and clear
  • Response rate will be the priority
  • Multiple pieces will be sent to the same person
  • Results matter

What Is the Process To Get Started?


We offer a free initial consultation to help you discover the best ways to market your practice. During our consult, we’ll look at factors such as your target audience, budget, location, and more. We’ll then create a custom plan to help you reach your goals.


Once you’ve identified the type of postcard that fits your practice’s image and its purpose, it’s time to work with the design team to create the artwork. It’s important to keep your branding in mind and communicate it through the design. This may include incorporating colors, fonts, logos, and other elements that are associated with your brand.


From the initial planning stages of your marketing campaign, to the design phase, all the way to targeting and execution, having the right piece can generate more patients and profits to your dental practice. With smart strategizing, you can make sure that the return on investment for your marketing efforts is worth it, and that you’re seeing the best results possible.a

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