What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to engage with potential patients. You can use video content to showcase your practice or office, highlight successes, and tell stories that will draw potential patients in. You can also use video content to create engaging tutorials on topics that are relevant to your target market. Video is a great way to provide educational content that can help build your credibility and authority, while also generating interest in your services.

How It’s Done



We will discuss the goals of your video marketing campaign and how we will go about accomplishing those goals in a brief initial meeting. Once we have determined a focus for your video, we will collaborate with you to create a script.


Video Shooting:

We will work with you to determine the best place to shoot your video–either remotely or on location–based on preference, budget, and other factors. This process will take no longer than an hour if both parties are prepared.


Editing, Optimizing, and Uploading:

Sit back and relax; we will take it from here. Omni Premier will edit and optimize your video for SEO. Then we will post your video to your website and YouTube!

Why Use Dental Video Marketing?

Inform Your Patients

Being able to access information about medical procedures from the comfort of their own homes can help patients feel more relaxed when it comes time for their treatments. Knowing more about the process, what to expect, and potential risks can help them feel better prepared and more confident in their decision to move forward.

Connection with the Doctor/Medical Provider

Studies have shown that patients are more likely to trust a healthcare professional if they know something about them before their visit. A video introduction or biography can provide potential patients with a sense of familiarity and insight into the provider’s qualifications and personality. This helps to create a stronger bond between patients and their care provider before the first meeting.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking to make an impact in search engine results, video marketing is the way to go. Videos are slowly becoming more prominent above organic search results, so taking advantage of this trend could help you stand out in your market. Video marketing offers a dynamic way to engage with viewers and increase your visibility online.

Video Tours

Video tours are a great way to showcase your office and give potential patients an inside look before they visit. They can see the care and attention you’ve put into creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and any amenities you offer that add to their experience. Plus, they get to understand the layout of your office, so they know what to expect when they arrive.

Reputation Marketing

Sharing patient testimonials is an important part of any medical practice’s marketing strategy. Video testimonials are even better than written reviews because they show potential patients in real-time how satisfied current patients are with the practice. Seeing real people talk about their experiences can help build confidence and trust in the practice, which is essential for attracting new patients.

Showcase Equipment

Videos can be a great way to inform and educate patients on the cutting edge technologies available in your practice. Seeing is believing, and videos provide an opportunity for your patients to visualize how these innovative advances could benefit them. Videos also offer more time-efficient ways of delivering information that can be viewed at any time and from anywhere.