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Generating leads in a competitive dental marketing space without the right help is not easy.  Many letters and words are thrown at you from companies looking to earn your business such as: SEO, PPC, SMO and so on.  However, at Omni Premier Marketing, we take pride in simple explanations so you understand your dental marketing plan.  We’ll show you a way to generate leads through dental search marketing by creating a powerful, consistent business profile across the major local directories.  Through our dental digital marketing strategy, we can help direct new customers, and assist in retaining the ones you have.  With our reputation management software, reviews and public relations are much more manageable.   

How Does Dental Marketing Work?

Searches for keywords relevant to your dental marketing practice can generate an ad and/or organic result towards the top of a search engine result page.  When a potential customer clicks on it, it will take them to a landing page (like this one) on your website that we can design to intrigue them to take action.  The great thing is, for ads you only pay for the ones are clicked, and organic traffic is free.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) | Omni Premier Marketing

Some key items that Omni Premier Marketing provides are

Ad Creation

Writing Pay-Per-Click ads can be a challenging endeavor.  You must capture the interest of the potential patient who is searching, but remain true to the keywords that they searched for originally.  Omni Premier Marketing has been in the business of writing ads for over 10 years; we’ve seen it all.  Therefore, we know how to structure your ads to get the leads you want!

Dental Website Development & Landing Page Creation

We’re not satisfied by just building beautiful, functional websites.  Our code adheres to web-standard guidelines, providing a usable, accessible, forward-thinking platform for you to build your practice upon.  What does this mean for you? Not only will your website be viewable, searchable, and appealing to search engines and potential patients alike, your dental graphic design will stand out and be unique.     

It is vital that the landing page match the ads and keywords.  If there is no congruency then the potential customer might lose interest from their original search.  Omni Premier Marketing has experts in the field of dental website design.  We will make sure that all the “calls-to-action” and “keyword rich content” makes it onto the page. 

Keyword Analysis and Population​

Having the right keywords is essential to success in SEO and the Dental PPC marketing world!  Omni Premier Marketing will populate your account(s) with the most relevant dental keywords possible.  There are two types of keywords. The first is known as “head terms,” which are basically the types of services you offer such as, “Dental Implants” or “Veneers”.  The second type of keyword is long tail keywords such as, “information about dental services”.  The head terms will cost more money, but have a higher volume of traffic, while the long tail keywords will cost less, but also get less traffic.  As Voice Search continues to popularize, long-tail keywords are becoming more and more relevant.  Omni Premier Marketing knows how to find a happy medium in order to get you the cheapest clicks in the right position.

Dental Campaign Creation & A/B Testing

Creating the right campaign is key to success when it comes to your dental digital marketing.  From things like geo-targeting to organization of information within your website, Omni Premier Marketing knows how to create quality campaigns for your business.  Our dental advertising agency has over 10 years of experience working within Google to learn the tricks of the trade creating quality campaigns on multiple platforms.

To ensure your website gets the attention it requires, Omni Premier employs a strategy of A/B testing.  Basically, we write two ads with different central messages for the same keyword set.  Then, we analyze the ads to see which message works best.  After that, we structure the entirety of the ads to match that sort of messaging.  This vital component of dental PPC marketing will help ensure you get the most calls possible.

Reputation Management & Dental Social Media Marketing

Our Dental Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing packages go hand-in-hand. Based on your individual situation, we tailor a course of action specific to your needs.  Whether that involves repairing your reputation, removing erroneous reviews from the search results; or simply providing ongoing monitoring, we are here to help.

Using a combination of social media profiles, micro-sites, blogs, review sites, and press releases, we are able to move negative information on websites to the 3rd or 4th page of the major search engines.  In addition, we are able to help you increase the overall positive exposure for you and your practice.

Analysis, Optimization and Reporting

Analysis matters.  Decision-making when making changes to campaigns can seem like the most difficult task.  Without the right data and the right knowledge of how to obtain that data, making the right decisions is nearly impossible.  At Omni Premier Marketing, our experts have the tools and the knowledge to sift through the data and make decisions that will improve your campaigns greatly!  With easy reporting, Omni Premier Marketing has established a way of organizing data for you to look at with ease.  Big numbers or unimportant percentages won’t fool you; our reporting breaks everything down in the right way so you can fully understand the data and get to learn more as we guide you along.  

Content Creation

Content creation is something that seems easy until you truly attempt to do it.  Omni Premier Marketing has experts who know how to generate the right message for your landing pages and ads.  We want it to be unique, so we will never use copied content from anyone else.  You can trust that when you see the words about your company, they are brand new to you.

In the end, if you choose to put your faith in Omni Premier Marketing, you can expect to see results in the form of new phone calls and email inquiries.  You’ll see quickly that your faith in us is well-founded.  Running campaigns yourself or finding someone who will do it for pennies is just going to cost you frustration and leads.  Going with the professionals who know exactly what to do and how to do it is the key to business success in your universe.

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