Client’s Bill of Rights

Our Mission – To enable outstanding organizations to deliver the right messaging to their target audience.

The Right to a Partnership

A genuine “Partnership” should always be relational not simply transactional. Our clients’ should always feel they are getting the same or more value in return than they compensate us for.

We value our clients as business partners and collaborators with whom we develop a mutually beneficial business strategy to help you grow and thrive. To this end, we strive to offer transparency and openness in all our dealings. We value your trust, and we want to work with you as a team to help propel your marketing to the next level. Our goal with all of our clients is to help maximize profits by maximizing the efficiency of every dollar spent on marketing.

The Right to Responsiveness and Convenient Availability

We pride ourselves on providing fast stages for our clients. Most companies are pulling back on their service level in a service-dominated economy. We have done the opposite. It’s our goal to return all calls and emails the same day.

We understand you may only have time to handle a great deal of your work during normal business hours. Each week we provide times well before most people start their day and far past when most people end their day to be available for you. Weekends are almost always options for our clients to communicate in person, via virtual meeting, or over the phone. We value you, your time, and your commitment to serving your clients.

Clients will have a point of contact at Omni to reach out at their convenience and expect a prompt response. Someone will be available to assist you with your needs 6 days a week.

The Right to Lightning Fast service

Clients can expect a response within 24 for all website updates and requests, we drive for the same day service always. 

The Right to Transparency

Clients have the right to expect transparency and openness in reporting regarding our contractually provided services. We believe the best reporting comes from 3rd party services such as Google, Facebook, and other companies. All reports shall be provided to clients on a schedule agreed upon between Omni and the client. Clients have the right to have this reporting explained to ensure full understanding.

The Right to Be Informed

Clients shall have the right to be informed of all the services we recommend. All services shall be explained clearly before client consent. Before the project begins, all services that will be provided shall be in writing with a copy to the client in clear language. The client’s signature on the contract shall be deemed by the client to be understood and the contract valid.

The Right to Access of Data

Clients will always have complete access to any accounts created for them, and they shall have the right to privacy and safeguard their data. Often, we must be granted ownership or administrative access to accounts to optimize service, and best serve our clients. We must utilize client usernames and passwords to provide contracted services. However, clients shall always retain ownership and administrative access. The client’s username and password shall be kept private and safeguarded when required. Clients shall never be restricted from access to their accounts. No password will ever be changed without express permission from the client.

The client shall retain the right to revoke our access at any time, though the client does acknowledge this does not discontinue their contractually obligated services if their actions prevent us from completing our contractual obligations.

Clients will also receive timely updates and reporting along with explanations of these reports for optimal understanding of the data presented.

Your rights and our mission as a company should never be compromised.