A Strong Understanding of Medical Direct Mail

Medical direct mail can be an effective marketing tool for medical practices, but often time, these campaigns fail.

Direct mail campaigns can fail for the following reasons:

  • Bad audience targeting
  • Poor messaging
  • Not enough penetration
  • No compelling call to action

Medical EDDM DIY

Our every-door direct mail solution is a hybrid solution of us providing the design and printing with you processing and delivering the bundles directly to the post office. This solution is ideal for medical practices looking for start-up marketing. If you have more time than money, this is a great way to get postcard info in the hands of your local audience for a very low cost. It’s sometimes possible to get at or under 30 cents per card including printing the postage depending on the amount you print. If you want an oversized postcard or a folded postcard for your medical practice at low cost, this is a great option.

Every Door Direct Mail Full Services

If you do not have the time to stack, sort, package, and deliver postcards to the post office directly yourself, for a reasonable fee, we can have them drop shipped directly to the post office for you. This solution only involves you approving all print materials and the zones where you will have your postcards delivered.

Targeted Direct Mail Services

EDDM can be great for products and services that most people need and want, so we often suggest it for advertising general practice. However, if your target audience is small and you have a service that only appeals to a small percentage of the population, we suggest considering targeted direct mail. Often overlooked because the price to deliver each piece is 2 to 3 times more expensive than EDDM, it can actually lower your overall marketing costs while providing a higher ROI. Since you know the exact audience you are sending mail to, you are able to craft messaging that will stand out to those recipients. We are able to help you build an audience using almost any demographic you can think of. Age, income, hobbies, political affiliations, and more, allowing you to inform the right audience.

When Executing a Direct Mail Marketing Piece:

  • There will be at least one, if not multiple, offers
  • There will be a reason for people to respond right away
  • Clear instructions will be provided
  • Brand building should come second to the response rate
  • There will be multiple mail pieces sent to the same person
  • It will look like direct mail advertising.
  • Results matter

What is the Process to Get Started?



Work with our team to decide on your audience and total budget. A consultation will help you decide the best way to bring in the types of customers and patients you need to fill your waiting rooms.



Work with the design team to come up with a post card that fits your branding and gets your message across. This may include letters, postcards, or larger pieces like shipping boxes etc.



Achieve your goals – from design to targeting to execution the right piece can generate patients at an ROI that simply makes sense.