A Strong Understanding of Medical Direct Mail

At Omni Premier Marketing, our expertise lies in harnessing the power of direct mail and print advertising to bridge the gap between medical practices and their desired audience, encompassing both new and current patients. Our profound insights into the specificities of medical direct mail marketing distinguish us, guaranteeing that your campaigns not only reach but also meaningfully engage your audience for assured success.

Why Some Direct Mail Campaigns Fail

  • Ineffective audience targeting
  • Unclear or unappealing messaging
  • Insufficient market reach
  • Lack of a strong call to action

Medical EDDM DIY: Cost-Effective, Hands-On Marketing

Ideal for start-up marketing efforts, this service combines our expert design and printing with your initiative to deliver the materials to the post office. This cost-effective approach, often below 30 cents per card, is perfect for practices with more time than funds, ensuring your message reaches the local community effectively.

Every Door Direct Mail Full Services

If you do not have the time to stack, sort, package, and deliver postcards to the post office directly yourself, for a reasonable fee, we can have them drop shipped directly to the post office for you. This solution only involves you approving all print materials and the zones where you will have your postcards delivered.

Targeted Direct Mail Services

EDDM can be great for products and services that most people need and want, so we often suggest it for advertising general practice. However, if your target audience is small and you have a service that only appeals to a small percentage of the population, we suggest considering targeted direct mail. Often overlooked because the price to deliver each piece is 2 to 3 times more expensive than EDDM, it can lower your overall marketing costs while providing a higher ROI. Since you know the exact audience you are sending mail to, you can craft messaging that will stand out to those recipients. We can help you build an audience using almost any demographic you can think of. Age, income, hobbies, political affiliations, and more, allow you to inform the right audience.

Key Elements of Our Direct Mail Marketing Pieces:

  • Attractive offers to engage recipients
  • Urgent calls to action
  • Clear and concise instructions
  • Focus on response rate over brand building
  • Consistent follow-up mailings
  • Professional, direct mail appearance
  • Emphasis on measurable results

Get Started with Omni Premier Marketing in Three Simple Steps



Partner with our experienced team to identify your specific audience and allocate your budget. Together, we’ll develop a customized strategy designed to attract the precise clientele and patients essential for your practice’s growth.



Collaborate with our innovative design team to create a postcard or other mailing item that not only resonates with your brand identity but also powerfully conveys your key message to your audience.



Achieve your marketing goals through a meticulously planned and executed campaign. From the initial design process to precise targeting, we ensure a robust return on investment and heightened engagement with your patients.

At Omni Premier Marketing, our mission is to empower medical practices with the tools and strategies needed for impactful direct mail and print advertising campaigns. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare sector, ensuring that every campaign we undertake is not just a message sent but a connection made.