Every Direct Door Mail (EDDM)

The US postal service offers a service called Every Direct Door Mail (EDDM). The USPS has a complete guide to EDDM has all the information you need to know in the process of getting mailers out of your hands and into the hands of people you want to see. 

EDDM Program Highlights

Cost of mailers
You can send 11×6 postcards for only 18 cents each!

Choose the areas close by you that you would like the cards delivered to. 

Printing Options

Vista Print

We have used Vista Print for quite some time. They have consistent, competitive prices, and do a nice job compared to other overseas printers we have used. You can sign up for a premium membership; the cost is 75 per year. This membership will get you deep discounts on printing and free shipping on larger orders. You can get a one-month free trial of premium, so it costs you nothing to try out.


You can check out vista prints program at this hyperlink -> https://www.vistaprint.com/proadvantage.aspx?xnav=header_reseller


Currently, you can buy 10,000 11x 6 color postcards on premium paper for under $1000 including shipping! You will have them in about a week from the time you order them.

Graphic Design

Vista print can help you with graphic design. A local graphic designer should be able to design your cards for less than $300; my in-house team can do them for $200. If you are interested in us designing them for you, just let me know.

Important Tip: Make sure you have the required specs on your postcard per USPS requirements. You can always print off one sample on a regular printer and bring it to the post office for approval. There are certain marketing requirements in certain areas, if you mess this up you could be wasting money on postcards that won’t work.

Some things to keep in mind

Your response rate will normally be the highest after the 5th or 6th time someone receives your postcard. You must budget appropriately. Do not think a one-time mailer is going to work, it won’t. The numbers come with branding and name recognition.


What about demographic lists – Usually I am not a fan. These lists cost money and take away from the number of mailers you can blast out. Also, they are overused and often not accurate. The EDDM lets you pick neighborhoods, you can get a good sense of demographics by choosing neighborhoods.


The exception to buying a list – if you are a specialist or want to hit a very specific age demographic, if this is the case this can make sense.


Overall marketing plan – Postcards are forms of advertising and NOT marketing. Marketing is everything you do. If you do not have a rock-solid marketing plan give me a shout. We have a simple One-page Marketing Plan that we can help you complete for free. Putting a plan together takes luck out of the equations.


Hopefully, you have found this helpful! We want to see you succeed! If you have any questions or seek professional assistance, contact us today!

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Every Direct Door Mail (EDDM) | Omni Premier Marketing

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Every Direct Door Mail (EDDM) | Omni Premier Marketing