Omni Medical Marketing is now Omni Premier Marketing

Why the new name?

After 9 years, our messaging and branding has evolved along with our amazing team of graphic designers and programmers. Thanks to our creative team, our new site’s look, feel and branding make our clients stand out from everyone else. Our new site showcases what makes us unique from our competitors. We love the refresh, but it wasn’t the only reason we rebranded, there were some strategic based reasons too.

We’re not just for medical practices

During our first few years, we specialized in plastic surgery search engine marketing (SEO). We did some website development when needed but most of our clients came to us for search engine optimization or plastic surgery marketing. As we began to grow, more and more types of health practices came to us for website design and development. Our ideal client is healthcare related businesses who need help with marketing to a cash paying audience, consumer driven market or patients who want or need services that are high in cost, with larger profit margins for our clients.

Our website address name was just too long

Nine years ago, like many startups we were faced with the challenge of coming up with a domain name – omni medical marketing made sense (at that time). When trying to rank your website, Google gave a level up to websites that had a keyword in the title. Since the term medical marketing was searched often, it led us to decide on

Typing out is SO much faster, easier and practical for our clients and our employees. It’s easier to spell, takes up less room and sounds better. We are always trying to make it easier for our clients to work with us. Shortening up the domain was a no brainer.

Why "Premier"?

We strive to provide the highest level of service; we are more than a digital marketing company, we are a marketing agency. We help dentists and doctors develop strategic marketing plans. Plans that use digital marketing, but also encompass creating messaging, follow up systems, increasing patient lifetime value and inspiring referrals. There is so much more to marketing than advertising alone. Having a great medical or dental website is important, having a solid marketing plan is critical. Premier does not imply we are the biggest health care marketing company, we are not. We state as part of our mission, to continue to be the premier marketing agency in health care.

Thank you for your continued business and trust

We are grateful for everyone that we work with. We consider each client to be a pivotal part of our team. Our desire is for our clients to feel the same.

We promise to always continue to improve and help our clients improve in their efforts to building their business. We have added products and services over the years and will continue to do so when needed so you may shine for many years to come.

From all of us at we sincerely thank you.