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Have an event requiring experts or speakers? Do you think your guests would like to hear from someone at OMNI Premier Marketing?
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While we cannot attend every speaking event, we do try our best to provide expert speakers for events or organizations in order to provide benefits to the communities we specialize in. Request a speaker today!

Frequently asked questions about having an expert
speaker from OMNI Premier Marketing at your event.

What would make my event a good fit for one of your speakers?

We ultimately decide if an event is a good fit when the opportunity aligns with our values and goals. As an example, out-of-state events are only considered for larger groups due to the time and expense required for travel (versus local or virtual events).

One of my speakers just canceled and I need a last minute speaker,
can you help?

We understand how important your event is and want to see you succeed. We will always do our best to help fill last minute spots. While we have never canceled a speaking engagement, we are aware that it happens way too often. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know the details, and we will do our best to help.

Can I get the CEO of your company to speak at my event?

Yes! Patrick Chavoustie loves speaking at events! In fact, sharing his experience with people is one of his favorite things to do! While he will always do what he can to fulfill last minute requests, the best way to make sure Patrick can attend is to provide plenty of notice.

Do I have to pay for a speaker at my dental or medical event?

We typically do not charge a fee for speakers as long as there is a synergy between our mission and your audience. Depending on the situation, we may sometimes require travel expenses to be reimbursed depending on your event, the location, and the number of attendees.

Do you offer speakers for virtual events?

Absolutely! We love virtual events! Virtual events save time, which affords us the ability to attend more events! With enough notice, we can typically provide a world class speaker for any virtual event.

What topics can your speakers talk about?

We love what we do, so we will typically speak on Dental Marketing, Medical Marketing, reputation management, and increasing patient value and referrals! We can speak on other fun subjects too. WE love talking about team building, employee retention, industry trends and other topics.

How do I get more information?

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