Choosing a domain name for your practice can be more complicated than one would think. It is very important to find the “perfect” domain name. You want one people will remember, and can easily spell. It is important to find a domain name for your dental practice website that is related in some way to what you do. Tying your domain name to you or your services makes it a bit more search friendly as well as easier to remember.

People focused on finding the perfect domain name often overlook some pitfalls.

Tainted domains

Not too long ago google punished many websites for using “spammy” SEO tactics. When you find a fantastic domain that seems like someone would have already bought it, chances are Google penalized it. The domain was most likely thrown away when it came time to renew.  We advise you check a site like to be sure Google didn’t flag the site. A tainted domain is associated with types of practices that market their practice aggressively.

Blacklisted domains

When a domain is used to send spam out or is infected with viruses, it will be let go by the owner oftentimes. Getting stuck with one of these domains can be a colossal waste of time, money and efforts.  Make sure the site domain is not on any blacklists, start by checking it here

domain names in healthcare marketing

Bad Backlinks

You need to create hundreds of links pointing to your site can be a good thing. Medical practice markets are always searching for a way to get more backlinks to a website in order to improve their SEO. Being popular with relevant sites will make Google believe you are just popular. While good positive links can be a good thing, other times, they can be very harmful to your site and even your reputation.

Do some deep searching on the internet for any domain you plan to buy. Use Google, Bing, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and any other search platform that comes to mind. Marketing your medical practice is essential, ensure the domain name is not associated with something that would damage your brand.

Marketing Experts are Here to Help

Omni Premier Marketing’s dental marketing experts can help you choose a domain name, as well as answer any questions about website development and SEO.  Omni Premier marketing specializes in a variety of medical practices. Want to speak to a marketing specialist? Schedule your Free Healthcare Marketing Strategy Session.