What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

The term PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. This means that every time a person clicks on an ad, a set rate is then charged to the advertiser. This rate will vary depending on what the advertiser has previously set up. PPC can be used for ads for specific services or varying goods – depending on what the goal of the advertiser is. The ultimate goal though, is to place these ads in front of people who already have an interest in the product or service the advertiser is offering. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) | Omni Premier Marketing

Pay-per-click uses search engine advertising which translates clicks to your website. So, rather than receiving those clicks organically you are “paying for clicks”- pay-per-click. You will often see PPC ads featured at the very top of a search engine’s results page, usually marked with a yellow label. So, every time that the ad is clicked it sends visitors to a conversion page – this could be anything from your website or an information collection form. Each time the ad is clicked you will pay a small fee. When you have a well designed PPC campaign that runs smoothly the fee becomes inconsequential because your ROI is significant. For example, if you pay $10 for a click, but that one click results in a $500 sale – your PPC is minimal.

Why Should My Business Use Pay-Per-Click?

PPC has quickly become one of the most significant tools that dental marketing companies use. The platform is intended to not only engage potential customers but also convert into sales leads. When done properly, PPC ads can offer great ROI. PPC gives your business a way to reach a targeted audience, which means you spend less time and money advertising to the wrong people. When you create a new PPC campaign, you can quickly discover how effective or for that matter, how ineffective your website and calls-to-actions are by using A/B or multivariate testing.

Why Should My Dental or Medical Practice Use Pay-Per-Click?

When it comes to PPC advertising, Dentists have a unique advantage compared to other businesses. Normally it can be hard for business owners to know the exact value of each customer – meaning it can be hard to figure out how much you should be spending per each click. With most Doctors and Dentists, they already know the value of each patient and what they need to spend from any marketing avenue in order to be profitable. Knowing this information ahead of time makes it much simpler to adjust a PPC campaign in order to meet those goals. Dentists and Doctors also have a predictable target base. Which can make targeting potential customers easier than other business owners.

Pay-Per-Click is a Win/Win for Everyone

Google, as well as other ad networks, not only reward high bidders for ad space; they also reward high quality ads. By high quality, meaning that Google rewards ads that are popular with users. Google likes high performing ads and wants to reward good performance – this is a unique advantage of using PPC marketing. This means that the better your ads perform, your click through rates in turn will be greater and your costs will be lower. Research shows that users who are searching for something don’t mind being advertised to. Users click on paid search ads more than any other forms of digital advertising.

With PPC, these ads are targeted to fit the users’ needs giving you higher conversion rates. With PPC is gives you, the advertiser, it puts your ad directly in front of people who are specifically interested in whatever niche you are offering. When search users enter their query, they are not only revealing their intent but giving the search engine the information, it needs in order to determine which ads will be best for them. With this, you are able to grab analytics from the search engine keyword clicks. However, PPC isn’t just good for users and advertisers, it also works very well for the search engine itself. When advertisers create a PPC campaign that is targeted towards specific users, it allows the search engine to provide relevant results while also introducing a revenue driven advertising avenue to you, the advertiser.

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Key Factors to Consider When Creating a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is key before you can even begin to develop a PPC campaign strategy. When you are doing your research, you will want to discover all the ways that potential patients are searching for your business. These keywords will ultimately be the backbone of your PPC campaign strategy. There are several tools available online to help you figure out which keywords and phrases are ranking and performing well. You want to ensure that you are using niche specific keywords. From there you can use these keywords and phrases to create a strategy to out perform your competitors.

Targeted Dental or Medical Marketing Ad Campaigns

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Once you have your keywords ready it is time to start creating your ad. You will want a to have a clear call to action, that links directly to that specific corresponding page. You never want to link to your homepage if you are advertising for something specific. The easier you make it for potential patients to find the information they are looking for, the more likely you are to close the deal. Creating consistency between the ad and the landing page is very important. When you are not consistent you can run into one of three problems. One, they think that they are on the wrong page and instantly hit the “Back” button. Two, they think your ad is a scam and they lose trust in your company. Or three, they think that your company is unprofessional or disorganized and choose not to try your company.

Your landing page should emphasize the same topic that your ad does. Avoid having an ad that is vague and not topic specific. You Call to Actions should be clear, simple and measurable. Your potential patients reading your PPC ad should know what to expect when they click on your ad. You want your call to action to drive traffic to relevant landing pages in order for better conversions.

Optimized Medical or Dental Click Titles

The first thing a potential patients’ eyes are drawn to are your title. Your title is what is able to set your practice out apart from the rest – this is your chance to shine! A good title should lead the way for your ad content smoothly. For example: Don’t Say: Broadway Dentist – Dentist in Denver Do Say: Cracked or Missing Tooth in Denver? – Free Dental Implant Consultation

Create a High Converting Authoritative Landing Page

Once a potential patient clicks on your PPC ad, they should be directed to specific and relevant landing page. Sending a potential patient to a well optimized landing page, leads to higher conversion rates. It is also extremely critical that your landing page be mobile friendly. Mobile traffic is responsible 52.2% of all online searches – so if your landing page isn’t mobile friendly, you are missing out a huge portion of potential patients.

Set Up Call Tracking for Your Medical or Dental Pay-Per-Click Ads

Majority of leads for dental and medical practices come from phone calls. So, if you are not set up to be tracking calls you will not be able to tell whether your PPC campaigns are working. Calls can actually be better than clicks – and that’s because calls are totally FREE! You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, so when someone calls off your ad, you don’t pay a dime! In order to boost your ROI and generate call leads you will need to make sure your ad is set up properly. You can do this by simply featuring your phone number in all of your ads. If you wanted to go even a step further, you could restrict your ads to only display during your office hours – this way you would ensure that every call is answered by a real person.

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Call tracking can also be very helpful in ensuring every lead call is converted and closed. Even a receptionist who means well, could be preventing potential patients from becoming new patients by not handling calls properly. When you record your calls, it allows you to have directly oversee how calls are being handled and make any changes accordingly. While call tracking can seem like a pain in the butt -the results are totally worth it!

Using A/B or Multivariate to Test Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Creating a successful PPC campaign involves testing your ads. By testing your campaigns, you will be able to find the perfect combination of ad title, optimized content and an authoritative landing page that will increase your conversion rates. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Testing and fine-tuning everything can eventually lead to a fool proof strategy that gives you the ROI you have been striving for.

Why Aren’t My Medical or Dental Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns Working for Me?

There are several reasons why PPC isn’t working for providers and why some aren’t even bothering with PPC. One simple reason is lack of experience. Most dental and medical schools aren’t teaching you all-star PPC strategies. Most practices do not have an in-house marketer, which often leaves them to do it themselves whenever they can find the time – which in turn can leave your PPC campaign suffering

But targeting is probably one of the biggest problems. It can be very easy to accidently target people who are probably not going to be using your practice. Because of this, many practices waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on irrelevant clicks. For example, your average patient is not going to travel beyond 10 miles for an office visit. So, if your ads are targeting a wider range than that, you are likely wasting a lot of money!

And lastly, ineffective ad content can hurt your PPC campaign. Are your titles engaging? Is your ad content saying the same thing as your title? Like mentioned above, you want your ad to be simple, clear and to the point. Having a solid direct call to action will do wonders. This is also where A/B or multivariate testing comes in. If you aren’t spending time testing your ads figuring out which content is performing best, you are probably wasting money!

What Should a Dental/Medical Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Look Like?

Keeping in mind that not every practice is not the same; an average practice with a budget of $1500 could potentially expect to see the following results:

  • 15+ Leads per month
  • <$50 cost per lead
  • 1.5%+ click through rate
  • 85% phone calls and 15% form requests for Lead generation

The great thing about Dentists and Doctors is that most of them are great closers, because you are “people people.” A large part of your job is connecting with your patients – which in turn builds trust with them. This trust can then be applied to potential patients. As a result, when you close deals your ROI on your PPC campaign will be greater!

Omni Premier Creates Successful Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategies

At Omni Premier Marketing we understand you’re need for results, which is why we help create a winning strategy. The first step in our process is by focusing in on your target audience; we help you connect with prospective customers with your services. Designing relevant and engaging landing pages optimized with user experience in mind, perform in depth keyword research, engineer creative and high converting ads which in turn drive new visitors to your site. In addition, we continuously optimize your PPC campaigns, so that you will not only be growing your customer base but also increasing your ROI.

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