The dental community loves them and, we are confident that they will help you steady your ship in your dental endeavors. Get ready to be blown away by intriguing episodes, dry humor, and loads of practical dental information.

They’ll tutor you on indispensable lessons about profit-making, financing, insurance and lots more. In this blog, we are going to give you a comprehensive list of the best dentistry podcasts for 2023 and beyond.

Podcasts have proven to be, by far, the most reliable way to command cutting-edge mastery in your dental practice. These shows feature the cream of the crop in the dental world: from practice managers and marketing experts, to consultants and other seasoned voices.

The Dental Brief Podcast

The Dental Brief Podcast with Host, Patrick Chavoustie, is the best dental podcast to discover expert dental secrets in less than 15 minutes! These bite-sized episodes pack a punch of information and discuss problems that every practice faces along with solutions. Hear from industry experts including dentists, marketers, real estate consultants, hygienists, business consultants, and more! Have 15 minutes? Then you’ve got the time to better your practice today.

Business Coaching For Dentists by Dr. Blanchford

This wonderful podcast was created to assist dentists in breaking new grounds in their respective practices. It enables the listener to adopt sound dental marketing techniques and teaches you to value thinking that helps you live a robust, fulfilling life. Mainstream accounting maintains that the secret to a successful dental practice administration is increasing income, while lowering expenses. While this seems easy enough, it’s difficult to implement without proper guidance: which is what makes the “Business Coaching For Dentists” podcast so valuable to each of their listeners.

Bulletproof Dental Practice

In this podcast, hosts Dr. Craig Spodak and Dr. Peter Boulden both recount the successes and turmoil of their respective ventures. The “Bulletproof Dental Practice” is a no-holds-barred, conversational podcast that often features guests who share their unique thoughts on how to improve your venture’s profit margins, lower overheads, and raise your practice to new heights.  Goal setting and preparation are some of the focus themes of this podcast and are seen throughout the 30-60-minute episodes.

A Tale Of Two Hygienists

This podcast, hosted by Michelle and Andrew, offers to help dentists gain more control of their dental careers. It is quite humorous and helps to bring cool back to the traditional bore of dental cleanliness discourse. They interview professional, well-positioned people to serve you the most innovative activities and procedures in the modern dental world. Science, medicine, anesthetics, general teeth health and lots more are what you can expect to get in 1-hour dive into this informational goodness. Tune in to better your personal and professional life for good.

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Business Of Dentistry

In this podcast, Dr. Russell Kirk talks about the private practice of a dentist from a fiscal viewpoint. This show easily makes the list as one of the most respected podcasts, and for good reason. Dental practice management and growth indicators are some of the show’s main themes, with other content including insights on important dental platforms, such as Kleer, where dentists can create, execute, and control their subscription plans.

Delivering WOW

Dentist, entrepreneur, and small enterprise merchant, Dr. Anissa Holmes has harnessed the unlimited power of social media by garnering a Facebook fandom of over 50,000 people. Dr. Holmes has discovered that the best way to get screaming results is to have foresight and, gain the mastery of a unique subject matter. In her podcast, she teaches you practical ways to create an effective dental practice culture, style, and image. She will teach you winning social media strategies, how to create an active dental team, as well as marketing tips to improve effectiveness and revenue generation.

Dental Drill Bits Podcast

Hosts Sandy Pardue and Dana Salisbury talk practice administration and dental advertising, along with the challenges facing practices today. The talk show promises an enticing who’s who of the dentistry landscape along with guests that are opinion heavyweights in the dental world. The co-hosts often chat about tips on pinpointing overlooked growth opportunities and the managerial aspects of a dental practice. Pair these with tips to help you regain control over your agenda and you have got a fantastic podcast. New episodes of Dental Drill Bits are released every month with an average runtime of 30 minutes.


Every week, the DentalHacks Podcast takes an information-laden outlook of the world of dentistry. Let me tell you, this is not some boring podcast designed for your daddy. Rather, you are accosted to some of the wittiest, most satirical dentists you have ever heard. Hosted by Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb, the DentalHacks podcast takes you on a special dentistry experience.  This show is for sure an industry favorite, as the interviews are humorous and the clinicians provide very authentic, insightful thoughts (especially in the brain trust section of the show). They have a way of appealing to the deepest personal worries of dentists, while delivering actionable tips on every subject matter.

Dental Implant Practices

Dr. Gordon, alongside other visionary voices in the industry, takes an in-depth look at the trends and projections for digital dentistry. He uses simplistic, everyday instances to ease the ill-feeling that usually comes with the mention of dental implants. Delve into the world of renowned dental implant gurus for 50 minutes per week to understand the intricacies of these techniques.

Dental Marketing Guy icon

Dental Marketing Guy Show

In this podcast, host Justin Morgan instructs dental professionals on how to attract new patients. Up the ante on your marketing game by listening to this comprehensive podcast that delves deep into the world of digital marketing and SEO. Most dental practitioners tend to shy away from doing the SEO work for their practice, but guests like John Mueller enlighten us about the importance of keywords, anchor texts, and links on your site.


Dental Marketing Mastery

This podcast features co-hosts Mark Dilatush and Howie Horrocks. Together, they educate you on where to find high-ticket clients for your endeavors. They cover important topics like how terrible handling of phone calls hampers patient bookings as well as a bevy of other advanced digital and offline marketing techniques.

Dental Practice 911 Radio

The hosts of Dental Practice 911 Radio go above and beyond to tutor struggling dentistry practitioners how they can dodge career-wrecking bullets, all while also earning more income, spending less funds, and developing indispensable strategies for everyone at their workplace. Sounds like a win-win to me. Co-hosts Richard Train and Hogan Allen demystify the three essential steps in dental team management. This radio show is an inquiry into HR’s best practices, financial management, marketing, and lots more.

Dental Up

Dental Up is a roundup of everything dental. Host Shaun Keating and other dental juggernauts share their techniques in an all-encompassing approach to topics that feature discourse on procedural standards, innovations, technology, and education. This podcast stays well ahead of the pack and expands your dental practice greatly. Tune in for first-rate pro advice that is easily implementable to your practice.

The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Are you keen on jumpstarting your dental enterprise? Then Dentalpreneur is the show for you. Home to one of the brightest brains in the dental profession, this podcast features hosts who are passionate about transferring their years of experience into life lessons. Become more valuable, live hassle-free, and be wholly satisfied with your career outcomes. One segment of note is the “Growth by Necessity” episode where Dr. Ellie Dowden shares some thought-provoking experiences that will transform your outlook on the business.

My Dental Agency Podcast

All dentists need one thing to stay in business – patients. Hosts Jackie and Sean leverage the new age digital economy in their show: “My Dental Agency Podcast.” During their episodes, they teach dentists about industrious management and marketing. They’ve discovered that many dentists, as great as they are, know nothing about marketing their trade to increase revenue. This podcast delivers surefire marketing strategies for independent dental practices against institutionalized dentistry. They even highlight the pros and cons of each approach using case studies. The podcast also features experts in the field to navigate the complex world of the dental marketing mix.

Dentist Freedom Blueprint

Repurpose your dental mission strategy to stand out from your peers with the “Dentist Freedom Blueprint” podcast. This show is a guiding light that improves your ability to see value opportunities from trends in the market. It is supercharged with intriguing topics, success stories, and a plethora of valuable information. Visionary host Dr. David Phelps leads listeners on a path to complete financial independence by investing in capital assets that generate droves of passive income.

Dentistry Uncensored by Howard Farran

Simplify your dental health with Dentistry Uncensored. This show, hosted by Dr. Howard Farran, talks to the movers and shakers of dentistry. The guests he brings on are true experts whose passion is to transmit their years of rich experience to improve your dentistry by making it quicker, convenient, and better, all at low costs. A new episode is produced every weekday. Additionally, transcripts can be accessed via There is a fresh rendition of his show almost every day, and if you prefer, you can also watch a video recording of each program on his YouTube channel.

Dentistry’s Ideal Practices Podcast

Dentists go to Dentistry’s ideal practices to enhance their winning entrepreneurial strategies. Bestselling author, Jayme Amos presides over the show to teach you practical building strategies. He brings on the most innovative cerebrals in the business to help you establish the practice of your dreams. In one of our recommended episodes, Jayme Amos teaches the fast-rising dentist how to get free promotion in your municipality. Every dentist needs to stay glued to this podcast.

AADOM Radio – The Podcast For Dental Managers

AADOM radio is a reliable portal that is enjoyed by members on the go. It is the go-to platform for users who intend to get better at dental management anyplace and anytime. Designed with the busy dental administrator’s agenda in mind, AADOM radio helps you stay abreast of a variety of subject matter ranging from AADOM News, Systems to Work Life Balance, and Published Observer Articles – recited to enhance listening pleasure while facilitating learning. Hosted by John Stamper, MBA, AADOM Radio is well-suited for dental managers and dental businesspersons who want to take their skills to the next level.

Dentists, Implants, And Worms

Hosted by Dr. Justin Moody, Jeffrey Smith, and Gabe Olson, this program helps you traverse the dental industry in many ways. Dentists, Implants, and Worms is a spontaneous, unrehearsed show bursting with honest and optimistic conversation. The podcast comprises of over 180 episodes, each ranging between 40 minutes to 1 hour. So, if you’re looking for blunt irreverence with a dash of formality, then this is the show for you. The team is dedicated to giving you the best podcast experience, most notably being strongly involved in the development of the inaugural “Voices of Dentistry” podcast conference in.

Everyday Practices

The “Everyday Practices” Podcast features Dr. Chad Johnson (Diplomate of the International Dental Implant Association) and Regan Robertson (President and CMO of Productive Dentist Academy). Together, they interview dental care practitioners – including well-honed and highly-recognized dental practitioners in the industry and everyday dentists across the street – on everything relating to dentistry and ownership practices. This includes profitability, efficiency, best practices for patient engagement, personal habits, hygiene and fitness, leadership in the industry, team building, and much more. These professionals are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with their listeners in order to help dentists become more productive and live their dreams. Tune in to listen to the grandmasters in dentistry!

Dental Assistant Nation

Kevin Henry is the host of the “Dental Assistant Nation” podcast. As the co-founder of IgniteDA, and a speaker, consultant, and author, he is dedicated to motivating, teaching, and enlightening dental assistants. This podcast leans toward the business side of dentistry with the average episode spanning 10 minutes. The show has a very special focus on dental assistants, unlike other podcasts that are solely concerned with the dentist. Kevin Henry and his Ignite network has empowerment as its major theme.

Get Off the Dental Treadmill Podcast

This podcast is your Dental Drive-Time Podcast! Get off the Treadmill (GOTT) with your host Chuck Blakeman (Entrepreneur, Founder of Crankset Group, and Acclaimed Author & Speaker) The show is geared towards professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make more money in a short period. Get off that routine dental treadmill and get back to the excitement and passion that drove you into the dentist industry. Re-humanize dentistry as a profession and give people their brilliant minds back. These hosts equip you with the technical know-how to create a prosperous practice and attain that height you have always dreamed of. The GOTT Podcast delivers transformational action steps to get you off the treadmill, with fast-moving interviews and contents that are practical, useful, and actionable ways to move you from survival through success, to significance. The show is never more than 25 minutes and is the perfect drive time podcast!

Life and Dentistry

Life and Dentistry Is a fascinating dental show hosted by Luis Mariusso and his team. It features real people, real stories, and real-life, all coming together to create this wonderful podcast.  Life and Dentistry is a new show with five recent graduates from the University Of Kentucky College of Dentistry. The hosts share their experiences as dental students transitioning to the next phase of their career and provide advice for young dentists who are transitioning into the workforce. If you’re a dental student or a recent graduate and want to hear the positive perspective of recent graduates in a similar stage of their life, then the Life and Dentistry Podcast is a must-follow.

Nifty Thrifty Dentists

“Do you like to save money? Do you like to laugh? Do you have about half an hour of free time in your day? Then this is the podcast for you! This isn’t a podcast only for dental professionals. Anyone would enjoy its casual conversational interview style where we get to really know each guest. It is not the type of show that urges you to “shop” the entire time, and instead wishes for its viewers to just have some fun. In each episode, we also do our very popular funny mishmash of clips that is related to each guest. Hosted by the Odd Couple of Dentistry” – Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen. Join the hosts in the podcast that features a whirlwind of exciting guests, funny jokes, and thought-provoking banter.

Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan

Join Teresa Duncan, One of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry, as she throws out dental insurance & management tips while exploring the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry often throws in his viewpoint that they don’t want you to ever be in a position where you find yourself saying, “Nobody Told Me That!” A day is never wasted if you can boast that you’ve learned something new; and listening to this show is just a convenient way to do that. In each episode, the host interviews someone with a unique career, a positive life story, or an exciting subject instructor. Tune in today! Get the info that everybody else is talking about!

Relentless Dentist

The relentless dentist is hosted by Dr. David Maloley, a Dental Officer in the US Army who served for 5 years, performing dentistry duties in Europe. Every episode of “The Relentless Dentist” packs a jolty punch of practicable content for dentistry heads. Some of the career-enhancing segments include Magnificent Marketing (strategies to help expand your dental practice), Bold Biographies (one-on-one’s with dental practitioners who are pioneers of the specialties such as Dr. Bruce Baird of the Productive Dentist Academy and Dr. Howard Farran of Dental Town), Maverick Mind Shifts (discourse on cultivating the attitude of a winner), Wealth Wisdom (discovering monetary independence), Hints for Happiness (an inquiry into positive psyche), Legendary Leadership (establishing a formidable team), Prescriptions for your Practice (techniques to lessen Doctor’s burden), and more. Do yourself a favor and check out “The Relentless Dentist” podcast today.

Dental Marketing Secrets

Dental Marketing Secrets is a guide about those trying to build a profitable and prosperous dental practice by marketing the dental office properly. Whether you’re just beginning your dental practice, or preparing for the next level of development, join us as we explore what it takes to be successful, attract new customers, and wrap up large care plans. We’re meeting outstanding guests who have experience managing effective operations, and we’re providing input as to which kind of campaign strategies succeed and which don’t. They address the new and most cutting-edge digital tactics for dentists, such as Facebook ads, SEO, ratings, pay-per-click ads, and social media marketing.

Shared Practices

This podcast is a boot camp for small business ownership and practice management dentists, offering new graduates a road map of effective practice ownership. In this weekly show, we will be meeting the best dentists, professionals, practitioners, and specialists in the dental industry. You will learn topics such as your “first years as a dentist,” thinking like a business owner, money and numbers, startups, acquisitions, partnerships, internal systems, marketing & growth, leadership, vision, culture, and beyond dentistry. Tune in today to get a bird’s eye view of the ever-changing world of dentistry.

Start Your Dental Practice

If you’re interested in taking your training to the next level, it’s an excellent idea to listen to this podcast to hear pearls of wisdom from experts in the industry. In every single episode, we aim to demystify the “how to start a dental practice” problem by bringing on world-class influencers and consultants to teach you how to get past the barriers involved: from no practice, to practice owner, to a successful practice. Tune in today and let us furnish you with the technical know-how from industry professionals. Get answers to all your dental marketing questions and concerns. The hosts break down campaigns and strategies, talk all about Ground Marketing, and motivate and inspire.

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Steve Anderson’s Top Practices

Over his nearly 30 years of dental experience, Steven J. Anderson has noticed that there is a specific set of habits and systems that are common among the most successful teams he has worked with throughout his career, and each week he shares the best companies he has seen on his podcast, “Top Practices!” Steven J. Anderson is the co-founder of Capstone Dental, a practice that combines world-class dentists with excellent management to improve the lives of patients, providers, and partners. In 2012 he joined with a leading management professional to develop the first dental management company created exclusively to establish joint ventures with dentists. Tune in today to tap from this vast wealth of knowledge.

The Millennial Dentist

It’s time to glean what the tech-savvy, new school millennial dentists are serving up this year. Find out how they are disrupting the industry and exceeding patient expectations with their flexibility and creativity. Hosts, Sully Sullivan, DDS, and Peyman Raissi, DDS, take you on a detailed journey of how they interface with a variety of patients on a daily basis amid the rigid realities of practicing dentistry. “The Millennial Dentist” podcast brings cool to new dentistry. Each episode has an average length of 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The Best Practices Show with Kirk Behrendt

Learn about the best dental standards with Kirk Behrendt, CEO of ACT Dental, via interviews with industry leaders. Kirk Behrendt talks and consults with dentists around the world about how to build a healthier career and a happier life. As one of the Seminar Leaders in Dentistry and Online Training System Experts, Kirk has spent more than 23 years of professional experience in improving the best systems and practices in the dental industry. He and his company ACT Dental have regularly been listed by Dentistry Today as one of the Best Dental Consultants in Dentistry over the last ten years. Inc Magazine named ACT Dental to its Inc 5000 list as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in the United States. Kirk has invested a lifetime to assembling the very best talent dentistry has to offer to build a trusted team of advisor experts that customize individual solutions for each dentist they serve.

The Brendon Show

Go behind the scenes with Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high-performance mentor and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Personalities in the country, as he talks to 20,000 fans in stadiums, trains athletes, teaches his students, and touches millions of viewers every week with his vision about how we can all live, love, and care. Every week, Brendon reveals what he’s grappling with, focusing on and marching towards – and how we should all lead an extraordinary life. It is an informative and inspirational look at the life and tactics of one of the most watched, followed, and quoted personal improvement coaches in history. Subscribe to THE BRENDON SHOW, change your life!

The Dental Marketer

Welcome to The Dental Marketer Podcast. Where we are helping dentists everywhere! We answer all your dental marketing questions & concerns, breakdown campaigns and strategies, talk all about Ground Marketing, and motivate and inspire, just like YOU motivate and inspire us. The dental marketer podcast brings fresh insight into how to build and market a successful dental practice. This show will give you a taste of the value it delivers through its courses and one-on-one coaching. Please feel free to share them with your staff and colleagues.

The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast With Dr. Paul Etchison

Hosted by Dr. Paul Etchison, this dental industry show is full of in-depth conversations and practical approaches that can be applied to your next working day. The content is meant to be feasible for dentists and is accessible to all those working in the dental industry. Dr. Etchison isn’t your typical dentist. He is a visionary leader, and he blends marketing and management experience, professional expertise, and leadership to create a prosperous and rising practice. And he’s going to share his unique experiences with you. It’s time to set out on a journey to develop processes that can carry your practice to the next level.

Mommy Dentist in Business Podcast image

Mommy Dentists In Business

In this podcast, Dr. Grace Yum shares her years of experience as one of the highest profile dentists in and around the Chicago area. Her leading podcast helps moms to be aces in their medical practice, while also leading robust lives. The Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids founder is well-versed at interviewing an ensemble cast of experts; all of whom provide valuable consultation from differing viewpoints. These guests include nutritionists, homemakers, skincare professionals, and more. Alongside interviewing incredible guests, Dr. Yum often reveals her success tips on maintaining the balance between motherhood and her expanding venture portfolio in dentistry, real estate and more. The “Mommy Dentists in Business” podcast is already top 200 on iTunes despite being only a couple of years old. Tune in today, and enjoy a unique outlook on dental issues and lifestyle trends.


The Dentist Money Show With Reese Harpers

Reese Harper, CFP, joins forces with dentistry specialists to educate dentists on how to make intelligent money choices. For a replete outline of episodes, visit and you will be well on your way to learning the importance of worthwhile investments. The podcast has made remarkable progress since its first round in 2016. Its 146+ episodes show that this advisor does something distinct. This podcast is a paid, weekly program that is dedicated to dentists. Reese also has a knack for featuring guests from related podcasts on his platform.

The Fee For Service Dentist Podcast By Dr. Drew Byrnes

This podcast is where dentists and dental professionals come together to share their best ideas on how to build high-quality dental offices. Tune in as Dr. Drew Byrnes interviews everyone, from industry leaders to average FFS dentists in your backyard. Figure out what’s going for them, and what you should do, too!

The Happy Hour Effect

Kristen Brown is an inspiring, international motivational speaker, best-selling author, and lifestyle futurist who encourages audiences to aspire for more significant influence in their work and personal lives. Until founding her own award-winning company, she spent 15 years in sales and marketing leadership positions. She has partnered with Fortune 500 teams to boost revenue and market share, including businesses such as Aim, Kraft, Bare Minerals, Cargill, Regis, Walmart, Mayo Wellness, and more. Kristen brings fun to her business-enhancing keynote programs by spinning meaningful stories that resonate with audiences. She inspires audiences with low-stress, high-success technical & personal growth strategies that will directly impact the bottom line by boosting sales, teamwork, profitability, satisfaction, and earnings! Tune in today!

The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

This podcast is one of the best, and most thorough, resources for helping dentists navigate the challenges of dental insurance. Jordon Comstock is the founder of BoomCloud Apps, a supplier of in-house dental practice membership apps around the world. Inspired by his intimate understanding of the dental industry, his enthusiasm for user interface design, and his book, The Automatic Patient, Jordon has developed a website that allows practices to deliver, administer and monitor a range of subscription options for their patients. In this Dentist insurance podcast, Jordon discusses how fee-for-service approaches will work alongside PPO strategies to maintain profits, grow the patient base, and increase retention.

Dental Nachos with Paul Goodman Podcast image

Dental Nachos

It turns out that dentistry can be a pretty boring career when great companions aren’t involved. The dental caballeros, spearheaded by Paul Goodman, assists dentists and those associated with them. The show has a pluralistic sense of belonging: always trying to bring everything that works under one umbrella. Dental Nachos, like the snack from which it derives its name might suggest, talks dentistry for all the right reasons: excitement, friendship, and practicable learning. Practice management, statutory advice, marketing tips, and financial approaches are some of the themes that make this show a game-changer.


Tbone Speaks

Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-bone Speaks) is an exciting dental podcast host who helps you achieve clinical, financial, and personal fulfillment in dentistry. He swoons his many listeners with his entertaining approach backed by years of hands-on experience. T-bone speaks enthralling promises through and through. The “T-bone Speaks” is a popular voice in the dental industry, especially when you’re looking for insights to the latest technical innovations. This excellent podcast has been enlightening dentists since 2016 and has an average episode length of 30 to 40 minutes. We are certain that you’ll get excited by his wonderful podcast, especially by his take on sleep dentistry technology.

The Raving Patients Podcast By Leonard Tau

The Raving Patients Podcast not only helps you learn how to revitalize your online image, but it also teaches you how to improve Google’s exposure and to use the influence of your happy customers to promote your online practice.  Were you grappling with internet marketing? Not attracting enough new patients? Needing more positive feedback? Or wondering if your existing marketing firm is delivering you the best return on investment possible? Tau Dental Consulting will analyze what you look like online to see where changes can be made so that you can control the web marketing.

The Savvy Dentist By Dr. Green

Build the dental career you’ve dreamt of and professional life you’ll love with Dr. Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, people in business, and celebrities. Listen as visitors talk about their experiences, insights, and business strategies that you will carry back to your office to get more customers, more income, and less tension. This is the podcast where excellent dentistry reaches a great deal of profit.

Thriving Dentist: Gary Takacs

In this rewarding and educative podcast, Gary Takacs is determined to help you build a great dental practice that provides personal, professional, and financial satisfaction. The host, Gary Takacs, is the Godfather of Dental Podcasting, Founder of the Vibrant Practice Academy, and Co-Owner of Life Smiles Dental Care. He’s a well-known figure in dental practice consultancy and often combines deep awareness of the particular aspects of corporate growth with sincere concern for dentist’s plights in today’s insurance-driven society. As host of the Less Insurance Dependence podcast show, Gary leads dental practitioners to a healthier professional model that will help them to provide high-quality care.

Two Reds Are Better Than One

Dentistry’s leading speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers give insights about their professional lives and even just life in general. Co-hosts Chris and Ashley lay out their thoughts and experiences on how dentists can skyrocket their revenue in this excellent podcast. The techniques delivered in this show are a trophy.  New episodes are released monthly, with each one lasting 40 minutes.

Your Dental Success icon

Your Dental Success Podcast

Listen to this amazing podcast by Mike Pedersen to learn simple-to-follow ideas on how to create an enduring dental practice. The show is delivered with finesse and immense expertise. You can even listen to it anyplace and anytime. New episodes do not follow a definite schedule, and each one is roughly 30 minutes. The themes highlighted in this show include growth practicing, Invisalign, and management.

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